New Filters

well the mark 2 filter design only partially worked.. had to go back to the drawing board and finally came up with a design that seems to work.. so now have ordered some custom made bits and bobs and will assemble them next week into the new mark 3 filter.. i think they will work fine.. Also this week had some interesting chats with some old folks.. my gardens were too big for their needs so a new design is coming for the balcony or small unit back porch.. the parts for the new combo unit are nearly all assembled and ready to put together in the next week.. this should make it easier for singles to grow just what they need in a smaller space again.. will post pics when tested and running…

About Steve

Been growing vegies in the ground all my life. Grow my own fruit trees. Make my own preserves, jams, pickles and make my own baked beans and soy milk.
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