In the beginning

Welcome to Urban Farms SA. If you are here then you have an interest in Urban Farming.  “Someone once said if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day but if you teach him to fish you feed him for a lifetime.” When I was growing up my parents and grandparents had vegie gardens, and chooks. On school holidays us lads were sent off to dig nanas garden and shovel out the chook shed. Back then our parents had large blocks in the suburbs and no shortage of water. Now days many of our families live in units or town houses with no room to grow vegies. World wide there is a resurgence of folks wanting to grow their own vegies. People no longer trust the shop bought produce. No one knows what chemicals have been used on it while it was growing let along what chemicals have been used on it to keep it looking good while it travels to the local store. And the prices will not go down. When a farmer on the other side of the country gets flooded the price goes up. Its a given as water and fuel prices go up our food will go up.

So Urban Farming is taking many forms in cities all over the world. In Asia and America folks grow on tenement and office rooftops. In other parts of America and Europe the shared community  garden is up and running. Whole streets in the suburbs have taken to planting out the nature strips. Here in OZ the movement towards fresh healthy LOCAL food production is gaining momentum. Folks are putting mini gardens in the small yards of their units. All those involved are concerned with the food security of their family.

I used to go dig up my yard and prepare the soil to grow my vegies relentlessly. Bottled and pickled and dried my surplus and shared with friends and family. My back finally wore out. I can no longer dig my garden. And this brought me to the concept of patio gardens. No digging, No weeding, and a 90 percent saving on water. So first came the need to have nutritious chemical free food for eating fresh and bottling and pickling. Water was so expensive my water bill the last year I grew out the garden was over a thousand dollars for the summer. A flawed economy of scale.. hence I turned to hydroponics for my answers.

Commercial farmers use vastly different equipment to what is sold at online hydro shops.. specialised buckets that would grow one cabbage for 500 dollars with another few thousand dollars worth of electronics to monitor and auto adjust everything needed for that plant in the 500 dollar bucket. Yup ideal for growing that $10,000 cannabis plant, but I didn’t want to spend thousands for a few tomatoes and lettuces so it was onto  research what the farmers were doing. Still looking to service myself and my family. At some point it became a business.

I hope you find the things I am doing interesting. I hope some of you will buy my patio gardens. More importantly I hope this site motivates you to seek food security for you and yours. I hope you enjoy your families journey to healthy sustainable food.

About Steve

Been growing vegies in the ground all my life. Grow my own fruit trees. Make my own preserves, jams, pickles and make my own baked beans and soy milk.
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